What is a personal concierge?

A personal concierge is like a personal assistant who is able to make recommendations and arrangements, run errands, oversee and execute any task -- big or small, and accompany their clients as needed.  Equipped with a curated list of service providers, we know who to call, where to shop, where to go, how to get there, and what to bring -- all with the aim of enriching the everyday lives of our clients.

How do you differ from other service providers?

Unlike traditional home care agencies, we are a personal concierge service specializing in the needs of older adults. As compassionate and experienced professionals, we are able to act as proxy family members and keep our clients actively engaged in the world. To our clients, we are friends -- and that distinguishes Generations Concierge Services from traditional alternatives.

What kind of services do you provide?

Just a few of our services are listed here, but we pride ourselves on flexibility, and strive to personalize our services to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Do you provide home health services?

We are not a home health agency, but we can help you find the right one if and when the time comes.  Instead, we provide a full range of non-medical senior services, including healthcare advocacy (e.g., observation and reporting, filing paperwork, medical and physical therapy appointments, etc.).

Are you insured? 


How do you charge for your services? 

Most services are billed on an hourly basis. Unlike most home health agencies or non-medical service providers, we do not require a minimum number of hours. Ask about our monthly membership rates for a savings of 10% - 20%.

Who typically hires Generations Concierge Services?

We are usually hired directly by the client or the client’s children, trustee, guardian, or care facility.

How do you work with family members of clients?

We work closely with our client’s family members to address issues as they arise and keep them informed of recent developments. Our goal is to be a proxy for a client's primary caregiver(s) who can’t be there all the time. With our help, the time you do spend with your loved one is just about enjoying their company.

Do you provide reports after each visit?

Yes! We send scheduled reports to client families or representatives after each visit. You'll be comforted to know that we serve as your eyes and ears, carefully observing emotional well-being and behavior to the same extent you would.

What if mom or dad lives in a care facility? 

No problem. In addition to providing concierge services, we ensure your loved one is getting the proper care, attention, and oversight at their care facility.

Do you provide transportation services?

We are not a transportation service, but many of our routine concierge visits involve accompanying clients wherever they need to go -- be it a medical appointment, a lunch, a shopping spree, a vacation, or anything else that might require travel.

How do you approach care planning?

We have a deep understanding of the challenges that can arise as loved ones age. We work with a vetted network of qualified professionals in the field of geriatrics to assess and meet the individual needs of each client. 

Do you work in hospitals?

Yes, we are often engaged to accompany clients to and from medical facilities. Throughout, we are able to liaise between doctors and clients to ensure proper discharge instructions are followed and help maintain continuity of care. Of course, we are also happy to make hospital visits to ensure quality of care and brighten our client's day.

Do you handle transitional services?

Yes, we specialize in assisting clients as they move from their home to a medical or care facility, or vice versa. Moving is a stressful and time-consuming endeavor for anyone. Generations can help mitigate that stress by managing your move from beginning to end, taking care of the details so you don't have to...most importantly, we work to make the transition as comfortable and worry-free as possible for our client.

How quickly can services begin?

Right away. A free consultation, either over the phone or in-person, will allow us to tailor a program to meet the individual needs of the client.

What geographic area(s) do you serve?

Currently, we operate in and around Los Angeles, but we are able to accompany clients wherever they need to go. We aim to expand in the future, but only if we can operate with the same level of quality and personalization. If you are interested in hearing more about our business or helping us expand, you can contact us at info@generationsconcierge.com .